Pregnant woman talking to her doctor about safe solutions for heartburn during pregnancy

Everything You Need To Know About Heartburn, Gaviscon, and Pregnancy

If you have ever experienced heartburn, you know how uncomfortable it is. For most of us, heartburn can be managed with the help of antacids, medications, or by avoiding certain foods. However, this...

Woman holding an accurate pregnancy test.

The Average Pregnancy Test Kit Price in UAE

There will be specific moments throughout your life that will stand out from the rest. Moments like your graduation, your wedding day, and the moment you find out you are having a baby! Although...

Young pregnant woman with smart phone in hand lying at bed with baby clothes and ultrasound image.

The Best Pregnancy & Baby Development Apps

Do you use any pregnancy apps? Do you ever wonder if these apps are actually accurate? There is a lot out there! Whether you’re trying to track your pregnancy symptoms, the size of your baby, how...


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