Protecting those closest to you

Becoming a parent is a lifetime responsibility. By saving your newborn’s stem cells immediately after birth, you are investing in a powerful health resource. If you are interested in cord blood banking in Dubai, call CellSave. We offer you the peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to safeguard your child’s health into the future.

Discover the possibilities of newborn stem cell banking in Dubai

By saving your newborn’s stem cells with the best cord blood bank in the UAE, you are safeguarding a wealth of current and potential treatments for your family, and protecting a valuable resource. The choice you make today may provide crucial health options in the future for your family.

Safeguard your family’s future with 3 easy and simple steps


Call us at 800 2796 to order your kit and receive it directly to your doorstep. Pack your kit with your hospital bag.


At the time of delivery, hand the kit to your healthcare professional so they can collect the stem cells. Call the number on your kit for pick up.


At our CellSave laboratory, we will quality test, process and store your newborn’s stem cells in their new home, ready and available if ever needed.

Store with the best: the CellSave advantage

When it comes to making the decision of where to bank your newborn’s stem cells, you only get once chance to get it right. That’s why more parents choose CellSave, cord blood banking in Dubai.


CellSave has successfully processed and stored cord blood for more than 350,000 children.


We have a team of more than 250 medical experts worldwide.

Next generation stem cell banking solutions to suit your needs

Our premium stem cell banking Dubai services safeguard your child’s future and secure your family’s legacy. Our packages all feature a comprehensive list of standard benefits along with personalised care every step of the way, to give you complete peace of mind when you enroll with us.

Life’s building blocks

Your newborn’s stem cells have incredible potential and powerful healing capabilities. They work like a “bio-repair kit,” helping to heal and restore tissues, and replenish other cells. A single cell can replicate and become many different cell types. These unique properties allow them to be used in a growing number of regenerative and restorative treatments not available through conventional medical treatment options.