The CellSave difference

Your journey with CellSave begins with a magical moment but lasts a lifetime, which is why our commitment to world-class quality and cutting-edge technology is matched with personalized care and helpful support every step of the way.


the only fully licensed and accredited facility in the region


over 350,000 parents have trusted us with their newborns stem cells


bespoke complimentary information sessions with our clinical educators


To over 20 years of experience in stem cell processing and storage

Dual Storage

unique dual storage options in USA, Netherlands and Switzerland are available

Cutting-edge technology applied with deep expertise

In the rapidly evolving field of stem cell therapies, CellSave is always on the lookout for the newest technologies and practices to better serve your needs. Our team of experienced medical experts are respected members of the international stem cell community and ensure that our laboratories stay on the forefront of innovation in the field.

  • Most advanced technology
  • Most cell types stored
  • Unrivalled quality

Accreditations that offer peace of mind

We pride ourselves in offering the highest standards and being a global leader for quality in our industry. Every sample receives individual care and high-quality processing from certified medical technologists, and a home in the most advanced state-of-the-art laboratory.

  • DHA licensed
  • AABB accredited
  • FDA-registered
  • MOH certified

Personal care to serve you better

When you enrol with us, you become more than just a client; you become a lifetime member of the CellSave family, joining thousands of others just like you across the region who have taken action to secure their children’s futures.

Our team of experienced and compassionate medical and clinical education professionals takes the time to get to know you and answer all your questions – at each step of your journey with us. That attention to your unique needs, down to the smallest detail, will give you full confidence in our ability to safeguard your child’s stem cells, and take swift and precise action should it ever be required.

  • Fastest processing time
  • Dual storage site
  • Premium access

Over 20 years of life-changing success

For over two decades, CellSave has been working closely with parents across the Middle East to bring the unlimited potential of stem cell banking to their families. We have helped more families than anyone else to store their newborn’s stem cells today to guard against future diseases.

  • Unequalled transplant success
  • Extensive disease protection
  • Security for family members

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