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We bring you the region’s next generation of stem cell banking solutions.

At CellSave, we want you and your family to be completely prepared for the future and be able to take advantage of all the opportunities that may arise. We have combined our over two decades of experience and leadership in stem cell processing and development to offer the most comprehensive stem cell service – CryoUltimate – the new generation of stem cell banking.

With the number of diseases treated by stem cell therapies set to explode over the coming years, bringing new hope to patients and their families, we remain committed to applying the latest technologies and best practices to serve our new and existing clients across the region.

Saving stem cells from all 5 sources complement their function and allows the healing and repair of different tissues.

Cord blood
Cord tissue
Placental tissue
Cord vessel
Amnion tissue

We have the perfect package to suit your needs

Our premium stem cell banking services safeguard your child’s future and secure your family’s legacy. Our packages all feature a comprehensive list of standard benefits along with personalised care every step of the way, to give you complete peace of mind when you enrol with us.

The next generation of stem cell banking services

Not just more protection. Better protection.

  • CryoPlus
  • Every package includes the basic cord blood and cord tissue storage. This package is a great basic protection package for your baby.
  • AED 18,500
  • or monthly interest free installments
  • available that will suit every family
    • Storage of 8 subdivisions
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  • CryoAdvanced
  • All the stem cells you need from the cord blood, cord tissue and placental tissue for protecting your family.

  • AED 19,500
  • or monthly interest free installments
  • available that will suit every family
    • Storage of 10 subdivisions
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  • CryoUltimate
  • Includes additional stem cell sources from the cord vessel and amnion placental tissue for a complete storage of all stem cells.
  • AED 22,500
  • or monthly interest free installments
  • available that will suit every family
    • Storage of 12 subdivisions
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Included in every package:

  • Initial 30 years dual storage in UAE, USA, Netherlands or Switzerland
  • Free transport to any transplant center in the world
  • Same day critical time processing (UAE only)
  • 24-hour sample collection
  • FDA/AABB accredited laboratory
  • Transplant assistance
  • Quality Service Guarantee

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