About placental tissue

CellSave is the only private stem cell bank in the region with the ground-breaking technology and medical expertise to preserve your newborn’s placental tissue. We collect this stem cell-rich tissue directly from the placenta right after your baby is born.

Stem cells from 

placental tissue

 have tremendous potential for use in regenerative medicine, including for repairing fractured bones and re-growing damaged cartilage.

There are over 50 active clinical trials researching the use of placental stem cells for future treatments of a variety of diseases and injuries, including diabetes, spinal cord injuries, cartilage injuries and ulcerative colitis.

A bright future filled with possibilities

As the science of stem cells grows, more and more excitement is building around potential treatments that involve placental tissue. By preserving placental tissue, along with cord blood, cord tissue, cord vessel and amnion placental tissue you save even more unique stem cells, providing the maximum level of security should you ever need them.

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